Adult School 2/27

Today is the test day of Adult School.


Today was there the test and I took the test level2.
It was doing during 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock.
Perhaps I think the result is not bad.

Teacher said "maybe you will take the test around 18~22 March" and she said "We must take Easter vacation around 25~29 March" too.
I thought I would like to have religion of something in my mind.(it's joke)
I said enjoy your vacation instead.


First step: theater say something and we dictate something
Second step: create question sentence from the something

  1. Johnny was at a party last weekend.
    -> When was Johnny at a party?
  2. The Dodgers are going to beat the Angels next month.
    -> Who are the Dodgers going to beat next month?
  3. Susan became a docter after 8 years of college and medical school.
    -> When did Susan become a docter?
  4. Maria bent her hair into a bun.
    -> What did Maria bent her hair into?
  5. The test will begin at 9:15.
    -> When will the test begin?
  6. I have already cut the carrots for the soup.
    -> What have you already cut for the soup?
  7. The man was bleeding from his arm after the accident.
    -> What was the man doing after the accident?
  8. Those lucky people built a house on the beach.
    -> What did those Lucky people?
  9. Robert chose his wife because shi's a good person.
    -> Why did Robert choose his wife?
  10. They have already come to our house many times
    -> What have they already done many times?

Read and answer to the questions

We read sentence and answered to the questions.

---TITLE: Will Linda Say Yes?---
Ray is twenty-six and he's single. He's a bus driver in Chicago.
His salary is good, but he has a difficult job. Traffic is heavy in Chicago.
Show, wind, and wild drivers are also a problem. Ray tries to be polite to all the passengers, but that's not easy. Some of them aren't very polite to him.
Ray doesn't like to dance, but he loves to eat out. He's a big man and has a good appetite. Every Sunday he takes Linda to a nice restaurant. After dinner, they usually go for long walk. They talk about their lives and hopes for the future. When the weather is bad, they go to a movie. Ray loves Linda very much and wants to marry her. He doesn't know anything about Mike.
Linda loves Ray a lot. She thinks about him all the time. He isn't handsome, and he doesn't have much money in the bank. However, he understands Linda and she understands him. This Sunday Ray is taking Linda to Their favorite restaurant. He's going to ask her to marry him. Of course, he's a little nervous. Will she say yes? What do you think she'll say?


  • Paragraph 1
    1. What is Ray's job? Where does he work?
      -> His job is bus driver and he work in Chicago.
    2. Why is his job difficult?
      -. Traffic is heavy in Chicago and there are also problem as snow, wind, wild drivers.
    3. Does he try to be nice to all the passengers?
      Are all of them nice to him?
      -> Yes he does, but that's not easy.
  • Paragraph 2
    1. Where does Ray take Linda every Sunday?
      -> He takes nice restaurant with Linda.
    2. What do they usually do after dinner?
      -> They walk and talk after dinner.
    3. What do they talk about?
      -> They talk about their lives and hopes.
    4. Does Ray love Linda a lot?
      -> Yes he does. He loves a lot Linda.
  • Paragraph 3
    1. What shows that Linda loves Ray?
      -> She thinks about him all the time.
    2. Is he handsome? Is he rich?
      -> He isn't handsome, and he hasn't much money.
    3. Where are Ray and Linda going this Sunday?
      -> They going the their favorite restraint on this Sunday.
    4. What is he going to ask her?
      -> He going to ask her to marry him.
    5. Do you think she will say yes? Give a reason for your answer.
      -> It's so difficult, because I'm the different person.
      Although if I were Linda, I prefer not marry.
      Because I think it's available that I prefer more rich person someday.

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