Adult School 2/28

Lesson of Adult school on February 28.

Sentence completion.

Prefer proper word from four words in below box and complete the sentences

1~4salary, heavy, wind, passengers
5~8traffic, eat out, future, polite
9~12difficult, hopes, wild, appetite
13~16nervous, of course, handsome, usually
  1. Take an ambrella, we're going to get heavy rain.
  2. How many passengers are on the plane?
  3. Virginia is the president of the company, and she gets a big salary.
  4. The wind is cold. You need a coat.
  5. We don't know what the future will bring.
  6. I go to work early when there ins't much traffic.
  7. When Len wants something, he always says "please.". He's polite
  8. It's nice to eat out, but it's expensive.
  9. Our business is doing well, and we have hopes it'll do better.
  10. Marilyn loves to eat. she has a big appetite.
  11. Is it difficult to use that computer?
  12. Leo has some wild ideas. I don't pay attention to them.
  13. Most of the girls like Alan. He's very friendly and very handsome.
  14. Of course money is important.
  15. Sara usually has a sandwich and tea for lunch.
  16. I get nervous when I take a test.


Synonyms are words that the same or similar meanings.
Next to the sentence. write a synonym for the underlined word or words.

  1. There are a large number of tall buildings in New York city.
    (large number of ≈ many)
  2. I hope you're correct
    (correct ≈ right)
  3. This camera is very good
    (very good ≈ excellent)
  4. It's stupid to smoke, but hard to stop.
    (stupid ≈ foolish)
  5. It was nice of you to visit me in the hospital.
    (nice ≈ kind)
  6. It's a sunny day. But it's cold
    (but ≈ however)
  7. There's a big error in this bill.
    (error ≈ mistake)
  8. Nicole wants a husband who is rich and good looking
    (looking ≈ handsome)


close - open
everything - nothing
difficult easy
clean - dirty
poor - rich
lie - truth
few - many
past future


dictate from teacher's spoken sentence and create question sentence from sentence of underline.

  1. Susan took a cab to the hospital when she had pox.
    -> When did Susan take a cab to the hospital?
  2. I'm going to mop the floor and take out the trash this afternoon.
    -> What are you going to do this afternoon?
  3. You will need a map to find my block.
    -> Why will I need a map?
  4. The cop thinks that criminal is a rat.
    -> What does the cop think?
  5. Sally is going to serve codfish and salad with olives at the picnic.
    -> Where is Sally going to serve codfish and salad with olives?
    (the Codfish is called TARA in Japan)
  6. Robert has just put on a hat for protection from the hot sun.
    -> Why has Robert just put on a hat?
  7. The children enjoyed seeing the octopus at the aquarium.
    -> What did the children enjoy seeing at the aquarium?
  8. Bill is wearing a black cap for his team.
    -> What is Bill wearing for his team.
  9. I will remember to add extra socks when I pack.
    -> What will you remember to add when I pack?
  10. Mother packed a sack lunch for Johnny's field trip.
    -> Why did Mother pack a sack lunch?


What mathematical symbol is used for "nearly equal":

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