Adult School 3/21

Lesson of Adult school on March 21.


Dictate from teacher's spoken sentence and create question sentence from underline sentence.(D=dictated sentence, Q=question sentence)

  1. D: Sally went to Hawaii to visit a friend.
    Q: Where did Sally go to visit a friend?
  2. D: Jason grew corn and tomatoes in his garden last year.
    Q: What did grow Jason in his garden last year?
  3. D: I will hang my certificate on the living room wall.
    Q: Where will you hang certificate?
  4. D: We're going to have a party tomorrow.
    Q: When are you going to have a party?
  5. D: That baseball player hasn't hit a ball recently.
    Q: What hasn't that baseball player done recently?
  6. D: I haven't held my friend's puppy yet.
    Q: What haven't you held yet?
  7. D: Robert's back harts because he was lifting heavy boxes.
    Q: Why does Robert's back hart?
  8. D: Maria knows how to make tamales.
    Q: What does Maria know how to do?
    (tamale: it's Mexican traditional food)
  9. D: We are leaving for the train station now.
    Q: Where are you leaving for now?
  10. D: They are letting us have some free time today.
    Q: What are they letting you have today?

Ask each other

Ask each other about below sentences.
(-> equal my answer)

  1. What do you want to do today?
    -> I want to make diner today.(but it's lie)
  2. What did you go last weekend?
    -> I went to Santa Monica beach.(but actually it's two weeks ago)
  3. What did you see there?
    -> I saw many performer in the place. For example mocked Mickey Mouse, singer and rice painter etc..
  4. Did you like it there?
    -> Yes I did.
  5. What are you going to do on the vacation?
    -> I'm going to cook curry.
  6. Have you ever gone to go SOMEPLACE?
    (SOMEPLACE is changed to Las Vegas or Mexico etc. when I ask other students)
    -> Yes, I have, I went to SOMEPLACE.
    -> No, I haven't, I haven't ever gone SOMEPLACE
    I was asked other student "Have you ever gone to carnival in Brazil?".
    Of course I said "No, I haven't, …"
    ※ other student ask teacher about the "gone" of No6, he said "why doesn't the gone change to the been?", teacher said "the been is informal, but it's ok. you can use the been"

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