Adult School 3/20

Lesson of Adult school on March 20.


dictate from teacher's spoken sentence and create question sentence from underline sentence.(D=dictated sentence, Q=question sentence)

  1. D: Huck has already driven his truck to the mountains.
    Q: Where has Huck already driven his truck?
  2. D: Maria has just bought some new wool cushions for the sofa.
    Q: Why has Maria just bought some new wool cushions?
  3. D: Robert read his favorite book last weekend.
    Q: When did Robert read his favorite book?
  4. D: Susan put some sugar in the pot yesterday morning.
    Q: What did Susan put in the pot yesterday morning?
  5. D: Sam gets his things from his trunk every morning
    Q: When does Sam get his things from his trunk?
  6. D: Tanya plugs the crock pot in before work everyday.
    Q: What does Tanya plug in before work everyday?
  7. D: We will open the hood of the truck to change the oil
    Q: Why will you open the hood of the truck?
  8. D: The teacher is going to push you a little to come everyday.
    Q: Why is the teacher going to push you a little?
  9. D: Bill is spending ten bucks at swap meet now.
    Q: What is Bill spending at swap meet now?
  10. D: I'm tacking your composition on the board for the principal to see.
    Q: What are you doing for the principal to see?

Writing Test

I tested for writing test today.(level 3-C?)

Ask each other

  1. Who do you live with?
  2. How many brother do you have?
  3. Where do they live?
  4. Are you a parent or grand parent?
  5. How old is he/she?
    How old are you/they?
  6. Are you a parent or grand parent?
  7. How old are they?
    How old is he/she?
  8. What does your family do on holidays?
  9. What are their names?
  10. Why don't you have any children?
  11. Tell me more about your relatives

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