Adult School 3/5

Lesson of Adult school on March 5th.

Memorize how to spell a word


Create sentences

Create sentence from below box and Create question sentence from box.
and you need to obey next rules.
the box 1 is to use PRESENT CONTINUOUS.
the box 2 is to use SIMPLE PRESENT.
the box 3 is to use FUTURE.
the box 4 is to use PAST.
the box 5 is to use PRESENT PERFECT.

Parson1. do2. draw3. drink4. drive5. eat
Jessicaher homeworksome facessome orenge juiceto Las Vegassome junk food
Josethe laundrya picturesome waterto San Franciscoa hamburger
Ednaher taxesa flowersome milkto the mountainssome tomates
Saulhis exercisesan animalsome wineto the beachsome pasta
  1. Jessica is doing her homework now.
    -> What is Jessica doing now?
  2. Jessica draws some faces every moning.
    -> What does Jessica do every morning?
  3. Jessica is going to drink some orange juice this afternoon.
    -> What is Jessica going to drink this afternoon?
  4. Jessica drove to Las Vegas last weekend.
    -> Where did Jessica drive last weekend?
  5. Jessica has just eaten some junk food.
    -> What has Jessica just eaten?
  1. Jose is doing the laundry right now.
    -> What is Jose doing right now?
  2. Jose draws a picture everyday.
    -> What does Jose draw everyday?
  3. Jose is going to drink some water tomorrow.
    -> What is Jose going to drink tomorrow?
  4. Jose drove to San Francisco last month.
    -> Where did Jose drive last month?
  5. Jose hasn't eaten a hamburger yet.
    -> What hasn't Jose eaten yet?
  1. Edna is doing her taxes this moment.
    -> What is Edna doing this moment?
  2. Edna always draws a flower.
    -> What does Edna always draw?
  3. Edna is going to drink some milk in a minute.
    -> What is Edna going to drink in a minute.
  4. Edna drove to the mountains 2 years ago.
    -> Where did Edna drive 2 years ago?
  5. Edna has eaten some tomatoes recently
    -> What has Edna eaten recently?
    -> What has Edna recently eaten?
  1. Saul is doing his exercises today.
    -> What is Saul doing today?
  2. Saul sometimes draws an animal.
    -> What does Saul draw sometimes?
  3. Saul is going to drink some wine next Saturday.
    -> What is Saul going to drink next Saturday?
  4. Saul drove to the beach yesterday.
    -> Where did Saul drive yesterday?
  5. Saul hasn't eaten any pasta for 2 weeks.
    -> What hasn't Saul eaten for 2weeks?


some – use when positive sentence
any – use when negative sentence

present continuousto be + v ing
simple presenthe/she/it < s
futureto be + going to + verb
pastverb + ed or irregular
present perfecthave/has + past participle

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