Adult School 3/4

Lesson of Adult school on March 4th.


dictate from teacher's spoken sentence and create question sentence from underline sentence.

  1. Hack took his truck to the pump.
    -> Where did Hack take his truck?
    (the pump is meaning of gasoline stand too)
  2. The owner of the new business tacked the fast buck on the wall.
    -> What did the owner of the new business tack on the wall?
  3. There's a sugar pod on the coffee table across from the cushion.
    -> What is there on the coffee table across from the cushion.
  4. Bill always tucks in his wool shirt.
    -> What does Bill always do?
  5. Janet put her hood down before she made that beatiful putt.
    -> What did Janet do before she made that beatiful putt.
  6. I will push you just a little bit to help you.
    -> What will you do to help me?
  7. The teachers haven't chosen the new book yet.
    -> What haven't the teachers chosen yet?
  8. You can hang your hat/cap on the hook.
    -> Where can I hang your hat/cap?
  9. It's easy to plug in the vocabulary if you know the grammar.
    -> What is it easy to do if I know the grammar?
  10. The traffic was slow because there was a hubcap on the free way.
    -> Why was the traffic slow?

Asking each other

Asking each other about last weekend.
Following sentences is that I thought question sentences and other students are asked me questions that they created.

  • Who did you meet on the weekend?
  • What did you see last weekend?
  • Where did you go last weekend?
  • When did you wake up this weekend?
  • How much you spend money to buy food last weekend?

Role Play, Can You Tell Me?

It's example when someone ask me "How to get THE WAY?"

  • Drive along 162nd St to normandie and turn left. Then make a sharp right on 161st St. Go about 3miles on 161st and turn left on CENTRAL Av. You'll see MAXINE WATERS on the left of the corner of CENTRAL Av and 108th St.

※ Use the SHARP left/right if you turn left/right soon after turn left/right


drive/walk up – use the UP when the target is North
drive/walk down – use the DOWN when the target is South
drive/walk along – use the ALONG when the target is East/West

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