Adult School 3/6

Lesson of Adult school on March 6th.


dictate from teacher's spoken sentence and create question sentence from underline sentence.

  1. We haven't eatan any beans since we were an on the ship.
    -> What haven't you eaten since you were on the ship?
  2. Susan fell on the hill while wearing heels.
    -> Where did Susan fall while wearing heels?
  3. John gave us a feast with chips and peach dip.
    -> What did John give you?
  4. The baby's cheeks are soft like a chick.
    -> How are the baby's cheeks?
  5. That sheep bit my fist when I tried to feed it.
    -> When did that sheep bite your fist?
  6. Maria bought a new slip last week
    -> What did Maria buy last week?
  7. You can put the rug in the bin after you beat it.
    -> What did Robert have when he was sick?
  8. Robert had a deep sleep when he was sick
    -> What did Robert have when he was sick?
  9. Sam asked me to light the candle wick.
    -> What did Sam ask you to do?
  10. We need to fix the wheel on that bin.
    -> What do you need to fix?



Am I working fast enough?
Actually, you should work faster.

converse each other

  1. Am I typing quickly enough?
    -> Actually, you should type quicker.
  2. Am I dancing gracefully
    -> Actually, you should dance more gracefully.
  3. Am I speakings loud enough?
    -> Actually, you should speak louder.
  4. Am I driveing slowly enough?
    -> Actually you should drinhve slower.
  5. Am I translating accurately enough?
    -> Actually you should translate more accurately.
  6. Am I palying well enough?
    -> Actually you should play better


comparative example

fast -> faster
quickly -> quicker
loud(ly) -> louder
slowly -> slower
long word is added the more
carefully -> more carefully
chgracefully -> more gracefully
accurately -> more accurately

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