Adult school 2/26

I decided to write blog article of Adult school by English from today.
… About Adult School lesson on February 26 2013 …


First step: theater say something and we dictate something
Second step: create question sentence from the something

  1. I haven't found my pen yet.
    -> What haven't you found yet?
  2. Jenny saw your leather brief case on the red wood work bench.
    -> Where did Jenny see my leather brief case?
  3. I need you to bring the tape measure and the level to the ranch
    -> What do I need you to do?
  4. Tom has a new bat
    -> What does Tom have?
  5. The children are going to go to bed early tonight.
    -> When are the children going to go to bed tonight?
  6. Marin will hem your pants this weekend.
    -> When will Marin hem your pants?
  7. The family had a nice ham after Robert took the axe to the barn.
    -> What did the family have after Robert took the axe to the barn.
    (Note: the took is never changed, It's different subject)
  8. Sally has just made you some strawberry jam.
    -> Who has Sally just made some strawberry jam?
  9. Bill lathers his face every day before he shaves
    -> What does Bill do before he shaves
  10. Joe is sending his wife a gem for her birthday.
    What is Joe sending his wife for her birthday?

Black board

Question verb

present continuousis/are
futureis/are, will
present perfecthave/has

See projector

I can't dictate sentence of projector.
therefore I wrote the answer only.

  1. What number you shuld call in an emergency?
    -> 911
  2. What is a example of a serious crime?
    -> Murder, Fire, Robber and Rape.
  3. Who should you call if a less serious has occurred and there is no denger?
    -> you call local police
  4. Who will come to your house if a crime has occured?
    -> police officer
  5. What will the officer fill out at the crime scene?
    -> a crime report
  6. What will the officer tell you when he/she calls a few days after you report the crime?
    -> status (New information)

the test to fill spaces of sentence

It's very easy to get 1.__ the zoo from here.
walk up this street 2.__ the corner and turn right.
walk two blocks and you'll see a bus stop 3.__ the corner 4.__
Grove Street and Fourth Avenue.
Take the West side bus and get 5.___ at 6.___ Park road.
you'll see the zoo 7.__ the left.
It's next 8.__ the library and across 9.____ the museum.

  1. to
  2. to
  3. on
  4. of
  5. off
  6. at
  7. on
  8. to
  9. from


Our students have read below map and sentence,
but it's read only, because we haven't time of today's lesson.
Dear students,
Here are directions to my house. I'll see you at the party.

  1. From our school, walk along Main St. to Central Ave. and turn left.
  2. Walk up Central Ave. 2blocks, and you'll see a bus stop at the corner, across from the post office.
  3. Take the Central Ave. bus and get off at Fifth St.
  4. Turn left and walk along Fifth St. 3blocks to Park Ave. and turn right.
  5. Walk up Park Ave. 1block, and you'll see a bus stop
    at the corner of Park Ave. and Sixth St.
  6. Take Bus #42 and get off at Rolling Rd.
  7. Turn left and walk along Rolling Rd. 1block.
  8. turn left again, and walk 2blocks to Holly Lane and turn right.
  9. Walk along Holly Lane. My house is the last one on the right.


axe = ax

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