2/21 Adult Schoolの授業

今日もAdult School。。。


Teacher: Ms Mary Lynn Monroy
Day: Thursday
Date: February,21,2013



  1. When did you break something?
    -> I broke my house key last weekend.
  2. What did you bring to class this morning?
    -> I brought my water bottle to my class this morning.
  3. Have you caught a cold this year?
    -> No, I haven't, I'm fine this year so far.
  4. What did you say to your friend yesterday?
    -> I said "hello" to my friend yesterday?
  5. Who rang your bell last weekend?
    -> My nephew rang my bell last weekend.
  6. Have you bought any new clothes recently?
    -> No I haven't , I haven't any new clothes.
  7. Have you found anything recently?
    -> Yes I have, I've found a cat recently.
  8. Who did you see when you were walking yesterday?
    -> I saw some children when I was walking yesterday.
  9. Do you want to sing a song?
    -> No I don't to sing a song.
  10. What did you think about last night?
    -> I thought about my English class last night.

The street include meaning below specific street name.




  1. Ave.(abbreviation): Avenue(n) – a street
  2. Blvd.(abbreviation): Boulevard(n) – a wide road
  3. map(n): a drawing of an area showing roads, rivers, cities, etc.
  4. map legend(n): a list of symbols that are used on a map to e a sign or mark for something else
  5. Rd.(abbreviation): road(n) – a hard surface for cars, trucks etc. to travel on
  6. St.(abbreviation): Street – a road with houses or stores on one or both sides
  7. symbol(n): a picture that shows a particular idea, place, or person

Part I
Directions: maps usually have map legends to help people understand what the symbols on the map mean.
It is important to look at the legend because not all maps use the same symbols.
Use the ma legend below to answer the questions.

Part II
Directions: Using the symbols from the map legend(in Part I) and the map below, answer the questions. Work with a partner and take turns asking and answering the questions.

  1. How many parking lots are on this map?
    -> There are five parking lot.
  2. How many factories are on this map?
    -> There are two factories.
  3. What street is Mercy Hospital on?
    -> It's on MELROSE Blvd.
  4. Where is Monroe high school?
    -> It's on the 3rd St.
  5. What street is Memorial library?
    -> It's on the Main St.
  6. What street is Highland park on?
    -> It's on the GREEN St.
  7. How many school are on this map?
    -> There are two school on this map.
  8. How many post offices are on this map?
    -> There are two post offices on this map
  9. Where is Hope Watch Factory?
    -> It's on 2nd St and Main St
  10. Where is National Airport?
    -> It's on HOPE Ave
  11. How many Bus Station are on this map?
    -> There are two Bus Station on this map.
  12. Where is Wilson Elementary school?
    -> It's on the BIG Rd
  13. What Street is the police station on?
    -> It's on the BIG Rd
  14. How many libraries are on this map?
    -> There are two libraries on this map.
  15. Where is Susie's Clothing Factory?
    -> It's on the MELROSE Blvd

Title: Take the main street bus(p66)

  • questioner:
    Excuse me. what's the easiest way to get to Harry's Barder's shop?
  • answer:
    Take the subway and get off at Fourth Av. walk down Fouth Av and you'll see the Harry's barder's shop on the left.
  • questioner:
    thank you very much!
  • answer:
    you are welcome!

Ms Mary先生の誕生日らしいので休憩時間に皆で誕生日の

presentpastpast participle

中国語: やむやむ(発音) – 最近 – recently(中国人がいたので)

soso – まぁまぁ

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