2/22 Adult School

Adult Schoolの2/22の授業

Dictation about Present Perfect(現在完了形)


  1. I haven't seen my classmates since 1980.
  2. Davit hasn't ridden a bicycle since 1973.
  3. Rafael hasn't broken any plates since 2008.
  4. My son has brought me recently.
  5. The catcher hasn't caught the ball since November.


  1. I haven't drunk soda/beer recently.
  2. The teacher hasn't rung the bell since December.
  3. I have bought some new shoes recently.
  4. I have found a penny recently.
  5. I've seen many adult school at Gerdena recently.
  6. I haven't sang a song since 2002.
  7. I've thought the donut is very tasty.



  1. That girl is wearing a beautiful braid today.
    -> what is that girl wearing today?
  2. John has felt some pain in his chest since last night.
    -> How log has John felt some pain in his chest?
  3. I found your pen next two chess board.
    -> Where did you find my pen?
  4. Bill hasn't raked the leaves by the shed yet.
    -> what hasn't Bill done yet?
  5. We have already eaten some bread today.
    -> What have you already eaten today?
  6. We used some paste on our valentines
    -> What did you use our valentines last week?
  7. Susan and Bob are going to wed.
    -> When they finish school?
  8. Maria hasn't gone out with wet hair since she caught a cold.
    -> What hasn't Maria done since she caught a cold?
  9. My dog likes to chase cats.
    -> What does your dog like to do.
  10. The doctor said "Lose your weight".
    -> What did doctor say?


Answer these questions about the story

Linda is a secretary for a busy lawyer. She likes her job and is a good worker.
She answers the phone, files papers, and types. She types well.
She doesn't make many mistakes, and she's fast.
Linda is twenty-four years old, and she's single. She's a pretty girl, and
she likes to dance. She also likes to eat in nice restaurants.
Linda has two boyfriends, Mike and Ray.
Mike is a mechanic; he fixes cars. He's twenty-four and he's single.
He likes to dance, and he loves Linda and wants to marry her.
He doesn't know anytghing about Ray.
Linda has a lot of fun dancing with Mike, and she likes him very much.
He's handsome and kind. He isn't rich, but he isn't poor either.
Mechanics make good money. However, there's a big problem.
Linda doesn't love Mike. He's only a good friend. She certainly doesn't want to marry him.
She'll have to tell him the truth soon.
She knows it's going to hurt him, but it's not fair to let him think she loves him.
質問 Paragraph 1
  1. What is Linda's job?
    -> Linda is a secretary
  2. What does she do at work?
    -> she answers phone, files and types.
  3. Does she type well?
    -> she types well.
質問 Paragraph 2
  1. Is Linda single or married?
    -> she is single.
  2. What two things does she like to do?
    -> She likes the dance
質問 Paragraph 3
  1. What is Mike's job?
    -> Mike is mechanic.
  2. Is he the same age as Linda?
    -> yes he is. they are same age.
  3. Where does he take Linda every Saturday night?
    -> he takes to dance with her
  4. What does he know about Ray?
    -> He doesn't know about Ray.
質問 Paragraph 4
  1. Does Linda like Mike a lot?
    -> She likes him but Linda doesn't love him.
  2. Does she want to marry him?
    -> No, she doesn't. She doesn't want to marry him.
  3. When is she gong to tell?
    -> She'll have to tell him the truth soon.


(コロンビア、メキシコ、グアテマラ、スーダン、コリアン、ベトナム etc.)
韓国:アリアン,日本:盆踊り,コロンビア:vallenatos and joropo

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