英語の単語あてゲーム in Adult School

Adult Schoolでいろいろ習っているのですが、




Be having in a way that is unusual and different than most people.
"The students are amused by the teacher's eccentric habit of pulling his hair while he talks."
"That neighbor is eccentric. He never goes outside."


to stay longer; to remain, not wanting to leave.
"Some guests lingered after others had left."
"Her perfume lingered in the air."
"The smoke lingered for days."
"We like to linger over our coffee."


The effect that an event or situation has on someone.
"Poverty has an impact on people's health."
"The impact of the killing of the children in Connecticut is huge!"
"Rising gas prices have an impact on many people."


to work well together,
to have a good relationship because you share similar interests.
"Is that software compatible with your computer?"
"That husband and wife are very compatible. They'll never get divorced!"

articulate: (adj)

able to express your thoughts and feelings clearly.
"That child is articulate."
"The president is easy to understand because he is so articulate."


a painful experience; difficult, unpleasant for a long time.
"Her cancer surgery was an ordeal!"
"Her treatment for depression was a long ordeal."


The final, the most important, the best, the most costly!
"The soldier made the ultimate sacrifice by dying for his country."
"The Rolls Royce is the ultimate in cars."
"The president has the ultimate authority."

resort to(verb):

to do something in order to succeed even if it's bad.
to do something because there is no other way.
"He resorted to lying because he didn't want to tell his man he crashed her car!"
"The demonstrators resorted to violence!!"


afraid, hesitant, unwilling, show to do something.
"She was reluctant to ask for help."
"He is reluctant to spend money because he might lose his job!"


very unhappy.
"She made my life miserable."
"She went to bed, miserable and depressed."
"After their dog died, the felt miserable for months."


to expect that something will happen
"The police were anticipating problems with the demonstrators."
"We anticipate that the weather will improve soon."
"I anticipated that president Obama would win."


to think that something is true even though you have no proof(evidence)
"The lights were on, so I assumed my friend was home!"
"when a present is beautifully wrapped,we assume the contents are wonderful too!"
"I assume that the repairman will be here on time!"


very shocking; unacceptable
"My telephone bill was outrageous $300!"
"The drunk man was kicked out of the hotel because of his outrageous behavior."
"That hotel charges outrageous prices."


to change in order to improve something.
"After the massacre of children in Connecticut, some people have revised their thinking on gun control."
"The plans for the new swimming pool are being revised."


a decision or judgment of guilty or not guilty.
"O.J.Simpson's verdict was not guilty."
"The doctor's verdict was that the man was healthy."


very cruel and violent
"It was a brutal murder of the children in Connecticut."
"Maria way of breaking up with her boyfriend was brutal; She texted him,"
"I'm dumping you, while he was taking his final exam."
"The winters in Alaska are brutal."

accustomed: (adj)

to be used to
"I'm accustomed to drinking boba coffee 1 or 2 times a week"
"He is accustomed to hard work."
"They are accustomed to the cold in Alaska."
"After growing up in La, She had trouble getting accustomed to the cold weather in Minnesota."

particular: (adj)

specific, special, demanding.
"He is very particular about what he eats.
Everything has to be cooked very well."
"Are you looking for something in particular?"
"We talked about nothing in particular."
"Richie didn't care where they ate, but Mary had a prticular restaurant in wind."


to happen; to exist
"Earthquakes occur without any warning."
"The accident occurred at 10 am."
"That disease occurs mainly in children."


a cure, a successful way of dealing with a problem.
"The president has a remedy for unemployment."
"what was your mother's remeday for a cold."


to succeed in dealing with a problem.
"Our country is trying to cope with unemployment"
"Children have a hard time coping with change."
"The people in Afghanistan have had to cope with war for many years."


to not have enough of something.
"They lack food and medicine in Africa."
"The girl lacked experience, so she didn't get the job."
"She lacks confidence in herself!"

tedious(adj, ti':diэs):

boring ; dull
"Law books are tedious to read."
"Her job as a secretary is tedious."
"The discussion in class was tedious."
"Doing compositions is tedious for some students."


asking lots of questions; curious, nosy; interested in knowing many different things.
"The little boy is very inquisitive."
"He is too inquisitive about my private life."


to change the direction, to distract, take your attention away from something.
"Traffic was diverted after the accident."
"The teacher diverted the children's attention away from the murder."
"The war diverted the attention from the economic problems!"



  1. When you stay after school to talk, you …….
  2. When something has an effect on you, it has on …….
  3. When you get along well with someone, you are ………..
  4. When you try to district someone, you are …… them.
  5. When you ask many questions, you are ………...
  6. When something is boring, it's …….
  7. When you don't have enough, you …. something.
  8. When you have to deal with problems, you have to …..
  9. A solution is a …….
  10. To happen is to …...
  11. To get used to is to get ………….
  12. When you are looking for something specific, you are looking for ………
  13. something cruel or terrible …….
  14. A judgment is a ……..
  15. To write again is to …….
  16. something shocking is ………..
  17. To think something is true you …….
  18. It you are unhappy, you're ……….
  19. Someone strange and different is ………..
  20. If you hesitate, you are ……...
  21. The best is the ……...
  22. To do something order to succeed, you ……… something bad sometimes.
  23. A bud experience is an …….
  24. If speak clearly, you're ………..
  25. If you're looking forward to something, you ………. it



  1. linger
  2. impact
  3. compatible
  4. divert
  5. inquisitive
  6. tedious
  7. lack
  8. cope
  9. remedy
  10. occur
  11. accustomed to
  12. particular
  13. brutal
  14. verdict
  15. revise
  16. outrageous
  17. assume
  18. miserable
  19. eccentric
  20. reluctant
  21. ultimate
  22. resort to
  23. ordeal
  24. articulate
  25. anticipate

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